Putter grips are our specialty, and we also manufacture matching iron or wood grips for every other club in your bag. Our lead times are competitive, as is our pricing. These grips are perfect for advertising your brand, business, or golf club. For complete customization we require a minimum order of 200 units. Your order will include custom designed ball markers and can be drop-shipped worldwide. Please send your logos, and your vision to orders@tourmarkgrips.com and we'll do the rest.


TourMARK currently offers standard size or oversize putter grips. We also offer .60" core size swing grips. All grips are composed of a polyurethane wrap over a custom rubber underlisting. The grips have a tacky surface and a medium-soft feel.


Our art department can customize a grip and/or ball markers to have any design or pattern you can dream of! E-mail us your logos and a description of what you are looking for, or just send us a request and let our design team come up with something awesome. Within a few business days of your request, we will forward you a mock-up of your design for approval prior to heading to the manufacturing stage.


If you would like a custom texture stamped onto your grips for a unique feel or a more branded look, we can do this no problem. This is a terrific option for adding some style and interest to a grip with fewer colors (i.e. a plain black grip with your logo on it).


Pick up to 5 pantone colors to display on your grip or just go with a single color for a more classic look. We are capable of doing just about any pattern you can throw at us, so don't be afraid to inquire with your ideas.


Order completely customized metal ball markers to sell at your golf course or advertise your business. That's right, you can order the ball markers without the grips if that is what you want. The ball markers are double-sided with your logo and website on the back and a custom design on the front.