TourMARK™'s Superior Putter Grip Design


The revolutionary, patent-pending Reverse Dimple™ texture mimics the foot of a Gecko to provide superior grip traction. The surface projections act to automatically lighten grip pressure by increasing the surface area of the grip. The channels between the reverse dimples conveniently wick moisture from the hands. The Reverse Dimple™ texture also concentrates the feel of your shots into smaller points on the grip to effectively enhance tactile feedback.


The top hand controls how square your club face is to the ball. Unwanted rotation from the top hand translates to a club face that is not square at impact. The amount of rotation transferred is directly related to the thickness of the grip in the top hand. By using a reverse taper RD grip, you get more thickness at the lower hand to stabilize your stroke, and less thickness in the top hand to quiet any twisting movements through the stroke. This increases your putting accuracy by keeping your putter face square to the ball.

The illustration below shows the rotational arc of two different putter grips (Reverse Taper vs. Parallel). The 90 degree arc of a reverse taper grip is more forgiving than the 90 degree arc of a parallel grip. If you measure from point A to point B on both grips, you will find the distance for one degree of rotation is greater for a Parallel grip vs. a Reverse Taper grip.


Our grips consist of a custom rubber underlisting with industry-leading polyurethane material wrapped around this underlisting to provide superior comfort and tack.


Textured surface for enhanced feel and a non-slip, low-tension grip while putting.


You'll be amazed at the power of this magnet. If you're worrying about the marker coming loose in your bag...don't! Made of rare-earth neodymium, and triple-plated to resist the elements, these magnets are about as good as they get.


All TourMARK ball markers are optimally designed to fit TourMARK's patented endcap designs. The ball markers are triple-plated to prevent rust and have a tough epoxy coating to prevent fading when exposed to the sun.


The raised rubber retaining wall ensures that your marker is protected and stays firmly in place round after round, always at your fingertips. This wall has been tested over hundreds of rounds for durability to ensure that your grip will stay functional for years to come.

Patents: US 7,658,682 CA 2,543,509