Club Up Golf

"On performance alone, TourMark can compete with the big boys. But what seals the deal for us is the individuality that they provide to their customers. "...Read Full Review

Yard Barker

"So, long gone are the days where you have to dig through your pockets full of lint, coins, tees, dirty golf balls, etc just to pull out the ball marker. "...Read Full Review

Alexander Toth Golf

"There is no doubt that this grip does offer superior playability... from all facets. If there is a negative comment to make about this grip... I fail to recognize one."...Read Full Review


"The [LoudMouth] grips are as colourful as the pants, and include a magnetic ball marker."...Read Full Review

GP Golf Report

"Absolutely loved it! ...having the ball marker on the grip is a brilliant idea."

Rock Bottom Golf

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"Hi, I love my loudmouth putter grip that I'm currently using and wouldn't dream of using another brand.....kudos on your superb work in comfort, functionality, and of course style. Thank you for your products and time."


Customer for life, David J.



"The RD grip is quite possibly the best grip out there. I can't imagine a grip being this complete. The feel, and quality is as good as any grip I've ever played and the ball marker puts it over the top."


Jason J.



"I have been using TourMARK grips with the ball marker held at the end with a magnet for the past year.  What a great idea !  Never have to dig into your pocket with tees, etc. trying to find the marker.  Not only that, but the selection of colors is great.  We have passed the word around here in Santa Cruz,California of this GREAT IDEA !"


Ed L.



"I wanted to let you know that I bought this grip because of the crazy pattern, but now I am hooked because of the FEEL! Good work TourMARK, I will be recommending this grip to my friends."


Monica W.



"I received this as a gift from my son and wasn't sure why it needed a ball marker. After playing a couple rounds I can't picture playing without it! Why didn't I think of this?!"


Rick N.



"Just played my 30th round with my Captain Thunderbolt grip and it has held up great. Still has the great feel and the color still looks good! Not sure when this grip will wear out, but when it does, it's getting replaced by another TourMARK grip!"


Casey Y.



"I would HIGHLY recommend this grip! When I came across your site I didn't know who TourMARK was or what your grips were like. My Peachy grip looks great, works great, and has exceeded my expectations. REAL NICE!"


Lucy L.